Saturday, May 21, 2016

Meet Nigeria’s Now Highly Sought-After Motivational Speaker & Performance Coach

“Better the most sought after than the first”.

MacHenry Churchill is Nigeria’s fastest rising Motivational Speaker, Performance Coach and Talent Promoter. A specialist in Personal Branding & Communication, Sales Performance Improvement and Workforce Activation, he helps people tell their stories to the world by connecting them with their inner genius, raising their self-awareness level and supporting them to launch out and break limits. Having mastered the gift of the gab and the business of talents, MacHenry Churchill equips people with the skills needed to effectively communicate their brands, ideas and offerings.

With close to 15 years work experience in daring and uncommon capacities, MacHenry Motiv8 Churchill has grown thick muscles as a Motivator, Life Coach, Business Development Strategist, Nation-Builder and Social/Impact Entrepreneur. His writings has been featured in The Guardian and The SUN Newspapers and on websites like and His remarkable story has been featured in, and He has been a guest lecturer at WOLEX Polytechnic and various departments at the University of Lagos.

Thursday, May 19, 2016



April 11 - 14 - LAGOS
April 18 - 21 - ABUJA
April 25 - 28 - PORT HARCOURT

Registration: N120,000

To partake in any of these programs, kindly use the following contact details:

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Attend Supercharged Training Programs That Will Change Your Life

BLOGGING 101 (One-On-One Edition)
A 1 Day, Practical 5 Hours Course

The A to Z of Blogging
·         How to create & design your own blog
·         How to create and generate relevant content for your blog.
·         How to market & promote your blog to build traffic and readership.
·         12 ways to make money from Blogging.
·         The business of Serial Blogging.

You'll also be getting a FREE blog created and designed for you.


To attend this Program, please call 08148952100

A 2 days, Practical Course


• Understanding Digital Marketing for Business
• Components of Digital Marketing Strategy/Digital Marketing Tree
• Content Marketing and Management
• The Digital Marketing Strategies
• Social Media Marketing & Integration
• Effective Email Marketing strategy
• Designing An Effective Email Campaign
• Mobile Marketing for Business
• Mobile Marketing Choice and Management
• Understanding Online Advertising Strategies
• Implementing Affiliate Marketing
• Digital Marketing & Promotion: Website Optimization
• Search Engine Optimization Strategies
• Understanding Web and Google Analytics
• Executing Public Relations Marketing Tactics (Article Marketing; Forum Marketing; Blogging; Link Building)


To attend this Program, please call 08148952100

Profiting From Maximizing Your Personal Impact 

Learn how to successfully promote the most important brand of all: you. You are your biggest asset, so you need to learn what distinguishes your personal brand from others and how to market your brand more effectively. You'll learn how to portray your brand as the coolest kid on the block, successfully monitor your brand and positively influence prospective clients and employers.
Module 1: Introduction to personal branding
Module 2:. Uncovering your personal brand
Module 3: Presenting your personal brand
Module 4: Managing your personal brand
Module 5: Brand Making & Brand Breaking


To attend this Program, please call 08148952100

Becoming A Highly Sought-After Motivational Speaker

Learn how to tap into your innate gift of the gab to create simple winning strategies to motivating and inspiring others + creative public speaking and audience management skills + how to start up and tap into the $11 Billion Motivational Speaking industry.


Lesson 1: Confronting Your Fears
Lesson 2: Characteristics of Effective Communication
Lesson 3: Knowing Your Audience
Lesson 4: Choosing the Topic and Structure of a Speech
Lesson 5: Persuasive and Motivational Speech Principles
Lesson 6: Developing Your Style
Lesson 7: Outlining and Organizing Your Speech
Lesson 8: Writing Your Speech: The Opener
Lesson 9: Writing Your Speech: The Body and Conclusion
Lesson 10: Speaking to Entertain an Audience
Lesson 11: How and When to Use Visual Aids
Lesson 12: Controlling Your Voice
Lesson 13: Rehearsing Your Speech
Lesson 14: Body Language and International Customs
Lesson 15: Making Your Best Delivery Even When Problems Arise



To attend this Program, please call 08148952100


Improving the Creative Communication Skills of Corporate Executives

The goal of this program is to help equip your managers, team leads, salesmen/marketers, frontline executives and brand ambassadors with the competence they require to be effective in relating with and building the key relationships that determine the success of your organization in the marketplace. The assertiveness, eloquence, empathy, persuasion and audience engagement strategies necessary for effective communication with colleagues, key clients, partners and all stakeholders are covered in the courses in this program as seen below:

1.    Public Speaking for CEOs – N105,000

2.    Public Speaking for Marketing Executives/Salesmen – ­  N65,000

3.    Public Speaking For Front Desk Staff – N65,000

4.    Public Speaking for Managers and Team Leads – N85,000

5.    Effective Training Skills for In-House Trainers – N85,000

6.    Effective Presentation Skills for Department Heads – N85,000

7.    Transformational Speaking 101 – N65,000

8.    Overcoming The Fear of Speaking In Public – N55,000

9.    Developing Your Conversational Skills – N55,000

10. Creative Audience Engagement Strategies for Managers – N75,000

To book Delegates for any of the above Courses, please call 08148952100


Improving the Personal Productivity skills of Individuals

The goal of this program is to help equip you with the competence you require to outcompete your peers in a marketplace filled with equally talented people. The skills, attitudes, qualities & expertise you need to be stunning, awesome,arresting, prominent, sensational, noteworthy, peerless and significant are covered in the courses in this program as seen below:

1.    Public Speaking 101: Overcoming The Fear Of Speaking In Public
2.    Personal Branding: Creating A Marketable Personality
3.    Wealth Code: The 10 Capitals To Financial Freedom
4.    Multipreneuring: Creating Multiple Income Streams
5.    Survival Strategies: Turning Challenges into Opportunities
6.    The Side Hustle: Starting A Business Beside Your Job
7.    Goal Setting 101: Life Mapping & Next Level Planning
8.    Personal Power: Reawakening Your 7 Intelligences
9.    Talent 2 Wealth: 5 Ways To Sell Your Talent
10. Effective Job Hunting: How To Get A Job In 60 Days …or less

COURSE FEE: N20,000 for any of the above courses

To book a seat for any of the above Courses, please call 08148952100

Monday, August 3, 2009


My name is MacHenry 'Motiv8' Churchill

I am a thinking man.

My life is an epistemic pilgrimage. I seek never-before-known possibilities in human existence.

I am a Development Artiste and Social Entrepreneur.

The purpose of my life and work is to awaken the intelligence of those who sell themselves short by living less than they ought to.

I am an advocate for individual empowerment. I believe in a world where everyone has a fighting chance.

I am a polymath. I am gifted in many different directions. I am a Creative Artiste – a writer, poet, lyricist, talker, singer, songwriter, guitarist and music producer.

I write copy, design development courses & curriculums, paint portraits, evolve product/service ideas and develop content for all types of media.

I am also a voice-over artiste, compere, actor, model and photographer.

I am skilled in strategic thinking, imaginative marketing, persuasive selling and negotiating.

I love people. I like knowing and working with diverse peoples, building relationships irrespective of class, race, ethnicity and all kinds of stereotypes. I work to develop platforms that give people a chance to engage themselves profitably and exhaust the limits of their potentials.

My personal vision is to help everyone I come across become a better, more productive person. I am burdened with improving lives and impacting the world with the gift of my existence.

I am CEO of THE MACCHURCHILL GROUP, an emerging conglomerate, a Social and Human Development Enterprise positioned to help individuals, organizations, communities and governments deal with developmental challenges and build relevant capacity that guarantees multi-generational wealth creation, social change and sustainable development.
THE MACCHURCHILL GROUP houses several target-specific solutions engineering companies that are creating a revolution in service delivery to both local and global underserved markets.

I believe my greatest gift is my ability to evolve ideas that help individuals and organizations make a quantum leap from novel to prime.